why are parents so protective?

I don’t why but parents become very protective when their child reaches the age  16 and after that, even mine too .


Out Into the Rain

Lovely poem

boy with a hat

Dancing in the rain

You lie there on your bed

So lovely and so bored

Waiting for it to clear

Like you did yesterday, and the day before

Waiting for the world to dry

For the gray clouds to break

For an infusion of sunlight, and for a rainbow, too.

It’s not going to happen today, you know,

It will keep on raining, raining, raining

Raining as if it’s a Biblical flood,

Raining as if it’s the end of the world.

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Help me answer this question

Yesterday i was travelling  from my home town to my college by bus and its a 4 hours travel. After a half an hour bus stooped at next junction the bus was full loaded and at the immediate next junction, a physically challenged lady to be exact she is blind boarded the bus with her mother. The bus was fully loaded and they knew that, they also had option to board other bus with seat if they are ready to wait for few more minutes but they boarded the bus and requested the people in the bus by saying “Anyone please giver my daughter a seat she is blind”, and nobody responded. Because if someone gave her their seat they have to stand for the remaining three hours of travel and the old started cursing the people in the bus, after a few minute i gave the blind lady my seat and the remaining three hours of travel i was standing. So coming to my question why do they have to board a fully loaded bus ask someone to give them others seat? and Is all the people in bus were not kind heart? who is right and who is at wrong? I am debating the answer but i don’t get one….Help me answer this question.

Just Started


I am student and i am new to blogging. I wanted to share my thoughts through writing and created a blog randomly without learning. its good to make mistake while starting than not being started so lets get started to express